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Stage 1 - Mass Assessment Centres

HRT has succeeded in developing a system to set up multiple Mass Assessment Centres – ‘Drive Thru Style’.  This system has been developed specifically to meet Insurance Company requirements, “To assess and complete large volumes of claims in a very short period of time”, by combining the expertise of the HRT Assessing Team and the use of the PDR Fox App HRT has the ability to quote 60 claims per hour with a minimum of 10 assessors.

The outcome of this operation is to provide Insurance companies with a complete quote for each and every claim that is processed:  Quoting PDR, Paint & Parts simultaneously.  Booking for repairs are also done at this point in time, offering the customer a choice of repair locations closest to them and the next available booking date.  As soon as the process is completed an automatic email will be sent to the insurance company with all the quoting details for each claim including images of the damage.  Customers will in turn receive notification via email & SMS 24hrs prior to the booking date.  This entire process is completed in 10-15 minutes.